Healthy Lunch Ideas for Your Tiny Tots

At nursery, kids will generally play too much, participate in numerous exercises and all in all, are dynamic. To give them the vitality they need, prepare their lunch with a sound, adjusted meal that they will appreciate at their nursery. Bid to your preschooler’s taste buds by giving them stuffed snacks that are straightforward, brimming with assortment and little in serving size. Easy to eat and simple nourishments intrigue little youngsters. Including shading, surface and flavors to their lunch box will make lunch considerably more enticing so don’t fear thinking outside the box a little.

Pack a variety of foods

Utilize a range assortment of fillings for sandwiches so they are not eating a similar meal consistently. Other than changing up their eating routine, this will also keep them from developing a monotony towards their food.

For instance, one day you could pack fruits like apples, strawberries and grapes cut into bite sized chunks, while another day you could give foods like chicken nuggets, cheese, yoghurt etc. Slicing some carrots and bananas are also very healthy choices. The above mentioned mixing and matching will not only provide a variety of nourishment on a daily basis, but will also keep tiffin interesting for your little ones as they are of different colors, shapes, sizes and textures.


Little youngsters in general will be very active so keeping them hydrated is an absolute necessity. Mango and mixed fruit juices are also great choices that children love.

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